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Mike Donohue – President/Owner
We know that our business depends on a loyal following of satisfied customers and as result everything we do from the time you come into our showroom or meet one of our staff is geared to delivering a unique experience that results in happy referrals. Every time one of our clients refers a family member or friend to us we know we have been successful.


Kitchen Cabinets

Amy Donohue – Vice President/Owner
We know that our work is going to be a big part of the homes of our friends and neighbors in the community. Since we are actively involved in the community, it is always satisfying to have happy clients thank us when we see them at events or even more when they refer their friends. That is how we know we are doing a good job.

Counter Tops

Michele Landon – Designer
Classically trained, Michele graduated from the Art Institute in the early 1980’s. Her experience ranges from Advertising, Graphic Design, Furniture Design and now to complete Kitchen Design. She is highly organized and brings a structure to her projects that results in timely schedules and budget control in addition to solid functional style.



Terry Vincent – Installation
With extensive construction experience building commercial space, new homes and remodeling, Terry brings a unique perspective to the kitchen business. His eye for how all the pieces of a project need to fit together makes him uniquely suited for remodel projects and new construction as well.

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